This was our statement for the show:

Sarah Lesher has stud­ied print­mak­ing at Cabrillo Col­lege and The San Fran­cisco Art Insti­tute; Michael Kahan holds a B.F.A. in Design from Montser­rat Col­lege of Art. The pair has been work­ing together for over a year and have begun to develop a brand under­neath their work as fine artists. As col­lab­o­ra­tors they con­stantly share their inter­ests and con­cep­tual inten­tions in order to cre­ate a larger piece or topic. These works are curated to pro­vide evi­dence of their search within archi­tec­ture, indus­trial ecol­ogy, iden­tity, pat­tern, and friend­ship. The nature of all these influ­ences cre­ate an aes­thetic that is sim­ple and elegant.

Thought Patterns/ Serigraph

Thought Structure/ Serigraph- SOLD

Still Gazing/ Serigraph with gouache

Single, Double, Triple/ Serigraph, gouache, and graphite

Sequin Mountain/ Serigraph with graphite- SOLD

Dear Summer Mountain/ Serigraph with graphite

Morse/ Serigraph with graphite

Seismic Wave- SOLD Serigraph

Public Art/ Serigraph with gouache

Still Thinking/ Serigraph with graphite

Head in the Towers/ Serigraph with graphite 300-

Forward Thinking/ Serigraph

Candy Cranes/ Serigraph